Monday, May 30, 2011

Post-Wedding Relief

Hi, all my friends. Ha ha ha!! ... yeah.
So, I was the emcee, and I survived :)
My brother was calm, thoughtful and wonderful, and his new bride -- beautiful, fun, and relaxed. Her DRESS!! Antique lace, creamy and gauzy and perfect. Her colors were a soft downy green and a silvery grey, tying in the surrounding tall firs, pines, the stones and glint of light off the lake. A serene setting. And I have been there before! When my daughter was just a little thing we stayed with Dylan's parents at Silver Lake Lodge. Why couldn't I remember that while we were there? It hit Dylan suddenly the next day, driving home. It was about 9 years ago; I suppose that has a bit to do with my lapsed memory.

I learned from my husband that my whole face and attitude changes when I am under stress. He was happy when the reception was over too... it was possible to live with me again. I didn't realize I was so toxic.

How does a girl stop worrying? Yes, it did help to pray, and know others were praying, and doing what I could to be prepared. I imagined being back in Italy (where I had nothing to do but enjoy) and seriously, that helped! Gave my brain a rest, I guess. If it is wrong to worry, and anxiety takes a toll on me and everyone around me, then how to stop? What do you suggest, Oh great non-readers? (Laugh) If there is no risk, no decision, no fun, no effort, then no worry, right? If you sit at home eating bon bons and reading all day, no worries, right? Huh. The key is probably balance. Yeah I know, sounds like a self-help book and SO BORING!! Blah blah balance. No? Balance is beautiful, you say. Ah, yes it is truly. Right proportions are always beautiful. .... UM... REALLY... think about it. Do you know someone lovely who isn't perfectly proportioned, face and body? You see what I'm talking about. The most amazing, glorious sunset you've ever seen might have been all orange and sun, not balanced very well at all. Adrian Brody has an enormous nose, really he does, and he's very easy on the eyes. Maybe the best days of our lives are those unbalanced ones, where we wasted an inordinate amount of time putting a hammock together and only got 5 minutes to be in it. Not to knock balance entirely. I still love it, I do aspire to it. Not many kids will sit long on a broken teeter-totter at the park, after all.


  1. Sarah if you ever read this, you were an amazing bride and it was the most beautiful wedding ever!! So proud to know you and have you as my friend and sister.

  2. Thanks Pam! You were a great MC and we really appreciated the job you did! Though I enjoyed the wedding I was glad when it was over too... Big sigh of relief :) Love you and having you as a sister.


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