Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Global Swarming and Climate Ka-ching Change

Honestly, I feel like such a bogus teacher for presenting this Social Studies b.s. Woah! Strong language there girly! Settle down! Well, I'm frustrated. This is going to be a short blog. All I have to say is this: How can we expect students to develop real critical thinking skills when we teach them THEORIES as FACT?
Obviously it has been a mess for decades with evolution (how many times have my textbooks used the words "evolving" or "evolved" when change would have been the appropriate word? Conditioning. Get used to the word, and you won't question it. The sly dogs.) And CO2 as a pollutant? W.U.W.T.?? I breathe the stuff out many times a minute. Am I a dangerous "GHG Emitter"? as my grade 9 textbook sneers in its cartoon headline? How much am I using my toaster?
Don't assume I am a careless, redneck Albertan who doesn't care about the environment and the fresh, wonderful, blooming natural world. Cuz maybe I am, and maybe I'm not!! (I'm not... entirely...) Tis a fine line, dear 'reader'. The problem here is that the Alberta education system has allowed the climate change alarmists free reign with curriculum. There is not another perspective presented, not with this issue. And yet the writers posture, set it up so correctly, that it feels wrong to even question the scientific validity of the "extensive and mostly negative impacts around the globe" my breathing in and out is causing.
Have a nice day, and say hi to Big Brother if you see him. Just don't let him see you driving to work when you probably could have biked. And for goodness sake take the mini Cooper, not the other thing.

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