Friday, February 1, 2013

Paint and Life

Why is choosing a paint color so difficult? For me it's always incredibly hard. Crazy though -- why would I rather live in drabness for years, rather than take a risk with a paint I may hate? Besides all the obvious reasons such as cost, hard work, dealing with smell and drip cloths and taping off ceiling and trim...I'm wondering if I fear failure too much. Don't want to mess it up!! Yep that's probably it, alright.
 And another thing. This part has to do with personality, or personaliTIES as the case may be! For those of you who know the 4 basic personalities of Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic, I happen to be a strong Melancholy and Sanguine blend. Now for the uninitiated, these two profiles are OPPOSITES. They sit on opposite sides of the table and rarely strike up a conversation for fear of eye-rolling and unpleasantness. And the table they are sitting at happens to be up in my brain, or psyche, or what-have-you. So the melancholy, list-making, careful planner wants grey, and rules and subtle sophistication. Sanguine Pam wants teal blue, and copper, and lively swirls, and to leave the rich golden color on the living room walls. Unfortunately for the walls of my house, there seems to be a standoff between these two darlings. Ever try to be bold and original, yet thoughtful and careful at the same time?! HMMM?? Good luck.
Now I understand spontaneous combustion.  Ha ha. That was a little joke.

Sanguine Pam is laughing.
Melancholy Pam is wondering how long it will be until I'm done writing this blog and can get on with my day.
Sanguine Pam is secretly planning to take a nap.
What both don't realize is in about 5 minutes I'm going to force all of us to do a tough exercise routine. (hee hee)

What's it gonna be? Grey Whisp or Gossamer Blue? As a university student renting off campus, my roommate and I just went to Canadian Tire and bought whatever reasonable mis-tint was there that day for four bucks. And were quite happy with the results! Aahh Life, when didja get so complicated.

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