Monday, April 8, 2013

Take Your Own Advice

Been awhile since I've been on here! Did you miss me? :-D
              Ahahahaha!  How I enjoy mocking myself.

 "It's not funny!!" "Yes it is." "You're just mean!!" "That may very well be." "People should know what you're REALLY like!!" "Well, they do now, Ms. Double-Exclamation-Points." "It's not funny!!"

 Yes, I'm talking to myself. It's fun. Or am I blogging to myself....? I should possibly look into medication....

Well, in other news, Today I Am Painting. Now, I know it doesn't appear that way, as typing and painting are generally incompatible, but I have Big Plans. Though the ambition, and the can of paint, have been lying dormant on the floor for various and sundry reasons (some involving sickness, children, a sewer emergency, birthdays, kittens being born, substitute teaching and copious, unwelcome snowfall) today I have barely any reasons why I can't get painting.

(insert swig of luke-warm coffee here)

I'm excited because the color is divine. Jamestown Blue. Oh it's perfect, I love blue, I always paint in other colors, and finally....BLUE. Like coming home. Coming home to Jamestown. (HA HA! Who comes up with these names???? Why is Jamestown blue?)

(insert call from daughter who is sick and needs to be picked up from school)

Well. I had fine hopes.  Hopes of a stimulating and thought-provoking discussion about how people should take their own advice. You know, like when you are thinking, "I totally know what so-and-so should be doing." Or when someone actually asks you what they should do. "I'm exhausted and I feel like I am letting my family down and running myself into the ground! What do I do?" and you say, "Possibly, now don't get me wrong, but possibly, you should quit your job and take a step back. Re-gather your scattered wits and let your brain atrophy so that the cells can multiply without assault."

I was going to launch into how we should ask ourselves what advice we would give to someone in our situation, and then try taking it. Hence, the title above.

What are you struggling with? What are you weary of? Do you feel like you are veering off course?

Think for a moment. How would you answer someone else in your situation, with your particular bent and set of circumstances? Is it possible that you do know what to do? It could at least start the process, bring maybe a bit of clarity, wipe a clean spot on the smudgy window of  the issues at hand.

However!! I must fly!!! I must rescue said daughter in distress! And then I will paint. I will!!
"Yah right." 'Don't you talk back to me. I've had enough out of you." "You wish."  DOH!!!


  1. I would be much kinder to others than to myself (who also has many projects waiting)... I simply tell myself to get my lazy rear into gear & stop procrastinating. "it won't do itself".... "wish it would"... someone could become wealthy by inventing things that 'do themselves' (that came out wrong)... oh wait... there is the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, etc, etc.... I guess others put time into thinking about new inventions to help them instead... wonder what their house looked like?? Hmmmm....

    1. I want an invention that folds the clothes and transfers them from the living room couch to....almost anywhere! Thanks for the comment. And now, I will get my lazy rear into gear and go fold them myself.


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