Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting Off Of Facebook

Guess what's blue and white and read all over and addicting?

You got it. Facebook.

I'm on my second day (GASP!!) of not having FB and surviving. I've known for a while I needed to break free from it, like anything else that's addicting and therefore takes up time and wayyy too much brain energy.
First I downloaded all my pictures and files to my computer. They have that option, and it's pretty easy to do.
Next, I called my psychiatrist and said I would be in soon, and please have the white jacket ready.
Then I deleted the app from my phone. Quite a shocking experience, not seeing that little icon in my favorites! Wah!!
Next, deactivate on the computer: Security, Click. Deactivate Facebook, Click.  Done.

Hey.....wait a cotton pickin' minute here....(where on earth do we get these sayings!! And when do they make sense!! But anyway!!)

"You just de-ACTIvated Facebook, CHEATER!! You didn't DELETE IT!! You're still ADDICTED! It's like hiding one pack of cigarettes just in case!! "

Yep. Well. It's true. I couldn't delete it completely.
In my defense, that wasn't the goal; I just need a break from it to do life differently, to play the piano more, to write more, and most importantly to

not be checking it every 5 minutes, or 2 hours, or first thing in the morning! Last thing at night!

See, I love my friends and I love being connected to the world. I'm an introvert with a split personality, and the other one is an extrovert, for sure.  Laughing, joking, partying,...yep I like that, with the right people of course. Commiserating with a friend looking for a lost dog, or having a rough day; I like that too. Sharing a meaningful quote or story, or a hilarious Chris Farley video...that makes my day! Personal messages about life from caring friends are awesome, and also big Day-Makers.

So why get off of Facebook, with all these perks?!?
Basically 'cuz it was starting to feel like an I.V., a lifeline. Bored, restless -- check Facebook. Lonely, tired --check Facebook. Need instant gratification -- look at all the likes on my recent post.
Basically because I want to try living without it for awhile. I need to get myself back. Or try to anyway. You know what's terrible? When I'm talking to someone, even one of my KIDS, and the phone beeps, I'll grab the phone and ignore the person, because my virtual life is more important than my Real Life .  And that, my friends, is the worst thing ever. So die, Facebook addiction, DIE!!!!! 
Ouch, it feels a bit like I'm stabbing myself.

Now that I don't have Facebook I can't post my blog there, so only a few will read this, but if you do, maybe you can pass it along to someone else who needs a break from Facebook.

After all, it only exists because we, the people, are on there. 0_o  
The choice still belongs to us.

I'm going to go read a book. Or maybe play some Christmas music on the piano. Possibly do some laundry....ooohh that's no fun. At any rate, something fulfilling and life-giving, before I tackle all the chores of the day. There are lessons to teach, dishes to wash, bathrooms to clean, clothes to fold, and piles of snow to shovel. And I may actually get it all done without checking what's up on Facebook!

Sigh....I confess I'm kinda lonely though.

Will update how it goes! ttfn!

(OOhh I should go read Winnie-the-Pooh, I love that book.)


  1. That's awesome and inspiring Pam. Your fb posts always made me laugh but I'll just read your blog more. I get a bit addicted sometimes and I only have 80 friends 98% of whom I'm never in touch with. Most of the time I just read other people's stuff and feel like I'm at a party listening to a lot of different conversations that don't include me.

  2. Yes I can relate. Thanks for reading.


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