Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Life is Like Now

What's Up, Grahams?

For everyone who has been pestering me for an update on our life (not one solitary person, actually, but that has never stopped me before), here is what's been up. 

Last summer, already, was when we changed our collective lives completely and moved. About this time last year we were living at my parents, our stuff all over and mainly in a big container in the yard, waiting to move into our Three Hills house. 
Moving to Three Hills, Alberta was a pretty big adventure for us. Dylan was taking a huge leap of faith in taking the pastoral program at PBI. It was exciting and exhausting putting all the pieces in place.  It wasn't exactly fun though, as these things go, and as the Fall and school/work for us all began, things got less fun. 


 It looks like we are having a ball of laughs here. And we are! Dylan's 39th birthday, complete with lame store-bought cake and no presents...better make up for that this year... 
We always have fun when we're together, because the four of us are certifiably nuts. Not even kidding.

The trouble with all of us having so much going on, each swamped with our own stuff, is time together became less and less as the year wore on. 
For awhile I had three different jobs, and I was distracted and miserable trying to keep up. Dylan was working hard at school and tying up loose ends I was unable to get to or forgot about. The kids were working at understanding a new school situation, figuring out schedules, friends, and what there was to do in Three Hills.

Keegan has had an easier time than Lauren, which I'm pretty sure was related to her being in grade 10 and he in grade 6.  
Look how beautiful they are.
My heart aches for the stress they've had to go through. And yet I know they will be alright; they know we love them and have their backs, so to speak.   


This year, I'm going to be more prepared for winter. Now, a winter in the country, near lots of snow and things to do, is a far cry from winter in town, with icy sidewalks and a landscape so boring it makes your eyes water. In the upper level of a small house, with single-pane windows and a non-stop, biting's dang cold. This winter, I don't care if I have to rob a bank, we are taking off to the mountains at every opportunity. If you hear of mysterious bank robberies you'll know where to find me. I'll be that receding dot on the wide, west-facing horizon; just smile and wave. 

When the days are short and dark, everything seems dark forever. All that new life under the cold ground -  but when we can't see it, it's hard to imagine even. (It's a METAPHOR!!) The colors, sounds, and smells as the great thaw begins remind us that inevitably, Spring comes. 


Busy, busy, too busy. I hate that word. So much movement with too much friction and not enough meaning. May and June seemed like the whole year of activities and commitments compressed into about 6 weeks. It happens everywhere and I haven't met one person who loves it. Can we not figure something else out? Seriously!? 
See, this is why I don't believe in evolution. Well, reason #109, actually, but who's counting. 

So far I've been Incredibly Negative. Yikes. I was trying to get it out of the way, at first, and then glow with Positivity and Light, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I mean, there have been lots of good times. It takes a long time to adjust to a new life, though. The whole theory of adjustment and change is easy to discuss; however the reality evades explanation's grasp. It's a thousand little things.

Dylan's year one of college was finished at the end of April, and he had a few days to organize and relax before starting his seasonal grading job. This job was a wonderful answer to prayer, because it meant we could all stay in Three Hills, together, and save for the next year's tuition. 

In spite of all the work and rushing and change, some great stuff happened this spring. There were recitals, and baseball games. My voice students had separate recitals, college first then community. Keegan was in baseball, and sports day at school, and had a final band performance. Lauren had a beautiful violin recital, an instrument she's wanted to try for years. She seems to know intuitively how to make the instrument sing, even after only 4 months of practice.

There was a choir performance and band events and performances. I loved it! One of the best moments was the senior drama production, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I couldn't wait till it started the third night!
Lauren played Charlie's dad and the Candyman, and also was a journalist at one point, running around with our ancient video camera on her shoulder. She was great at it! So much fun.I couldn't believe the work that went into it all, and how all the actors pulled together as a team, and made it funny and wonderful.


Every year I gasp like a goldfish on the carpet for SUMMER! Ahhhh.............And then, day one, and I remember. It's just a different brand of crazy. But this year I'm purposely keeping my schedule as open and relaxed as I can, so I can save energy for September.  

Right now I'm not sure what year 2 is going to bring, and we are all feeling like the reprieve and hope that summer brings is slipping through our fingers. We could really use a holiday, honestly, but I don't know how that is going to happen. And couldn't everybody!

If I think about things too hard I start to hyperventilate a's not attractive. 
God has a plan.
It's not in my hands, thankfully. 
I want life to be full, and meaningful, and exciting. Not exciting like a bee's nest just dropped through your sunroof, exciting like ...hopeful. 
I'm so incredibly bored of conventional life. 
I want to Know Him more, so I can Love more.


It's very easy to get distracted. I'm trying to keep my eyes fixed ahead. The Author knows what is in the next chapter, and I have faith that He will see us all through whatever comes. 



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