Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Help Me!


Hello, and thanks for reading.
I've been aware for some time that my little blog here is a bit dis-jointed. Heck, it's a chaotic disaster. Alright, now that was exaggeration. Let's hit it right down the center: My blog is a messy shelf of random titles. Think, 'book table at a garage sale'.

There are poems (good lord what was I thinking), devotionals (should get back on that wagon), my opinions of life, faith, you-name-it, the first chapter of a wonderful story that is still rattling its cage in the vacuous realms of Pam's Brain, chats about movies. A Literal Hodgepodge, for my English friends!

......I have no English friends. Nevermind!

A cursory survey of "How to improve your blog" yields an avalanche of results. Literally every career blogger has an article or six dedicated to the explanations (dripping with humbleness, of course) of how they made it to the top of the pile. How they Gained Readership, and hence, how they can actually quit their day job.

Well, it was fun reading. Insightful even, and I learned something that I already knew -- that your blog should have a Theme. (ooooh I'm using so many CAPITALS!!)

How Very Niche

Every decent blog needs a unifying theme. You need to find your passion, and from that, your niche. What do you enjoy? What do you think about? What do you have books on? What gets you fired up? No, you can't have a blog about whiskey on the rocks or Brad Pitt. Well you could. But just - don't.

The point is, I haven't really cared. I've been writing "for fun and for practice", which is truth. And I don't especially want a large readership, though I'm happy when my friends read it and especially when they (you?) comment and critique. So thanks for

What About Me?

Well, it got me thinking. What on God's green earth is my niche?? A problem I've had my whole life long is that I'm good at so many things.

I found this pic under "person looking incredulous".
It's quite perfect. 
No really, I do enjoy a ton of different things. 

What do I love?

People.            Books.             Stories. 

Music.     MEANING.      THINKING.     Singing!

I asked someone what I was passionate about. Here's what they said.

Literature. Shakespeare. Rock and Roll. Partying. Jesus. People I love.
What I don't like? I didn't ask, but this same friend said, "Overly intellectual buffoons. Those with sticks up their butt." Haha! That is funny!  (And true) Quite the list, at any rate.

I think if I had known what philosophy WAS when I went to university, I would have taken that. And still the English....and yes the music too. The Education courses (major) I would have dropped. Of course, those have come in handy. Even my Geography of British Columbia course came in handy. Who knew?

To sum up -- I'm passionate about the stories of people in books, music, films. I love to think about the meaning, or lack of meaning as the case may be...of Life. The Story behind the story, I guess. Why people are the way they are.


Still haven't found the theme.  I'm nicheless. I'm not wearing any niche!

Oh yeah, and Humour, too. Spelt the Canadian way, might I add. Is "spelt" even a word? Do I care?

(yes, I care, it's driving me nuts and yet I'm too lazy to look it up.)

To Sum Up

If anyone has ideas about this I'd love to hear them. Sometimes others know best what you are passionate about. In return, I will name a planet after you, or maybe a mountain on a planet, or something. You will be rewarded!! Never fear!!

Basically I would like to rename and refocus this blog to make a little more sense. I don't like parameters. But there is more freedom sometimes within them, and less chaos. Perhaps less crazy. Is that a good thing?

Look very forward to hearing your thoughts or ideas for a blog theme. If you have trouble commenting, send to my e-mail or look me up on Facebook or whatever.

NO stalking though, I've had my fair share of that and it is No Fun At All. Curious?

That, dare I say, is another story.




  1. Glenn Bowles, VancouverJanuary 8, 2014 at 11:16 PM

    I see no reason why a blog has to fit a niche or have a unifying theme, unless you are wanting wide circulation. Your eclectic mix of stuff is marvelous to read. now I have a reason to read your blog, despite the difference in years and location - you were once my student "little Pam McPhee". so I get to revel in what the Lord is doing in your mind as an adult who has done some stuff. Its a chance to praise the Lord for His work in your life that I had a very small part in. So keep giving us this out cropping of your brain and heart. its wonderful. My opinion though, may not mean much as I am a bit biased.

    1. Wonderfully biased!! Haha. :)
      Thanks Mr. Bowles, from the bottom of my heart, for your interest and encouragement.

  2. I totally agree with our wizened principle of yester year. Unless you are wanting a larger following and thinking of taking this to where it is jobish, I say no. Those of us that are your friends enjoy reading about you quirkiness and all. Limiting it to one topic (unless that topic is you and your fam) doesn't let us enjoy the complete you. Stay random. Write what is on your heart. Or that weird thought that just ran through your brain like a runaway gazelle chasing a rabbit with a carrot.

    1. OH! Oh! Just had a thought...........ZZzzzzoooommm........Carrots!!

      Hmm, interesting. I'm a tad surprised at the support for randomness.
      Focusing on a theme may be too restrictive..... Thanks so much for the comment. Old Friends Know Best, perhaps?


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